Harvard University’s Program on Integrative Knowledge and Human Flourishing seeks to further its mission by hosting a number of events throughout the calendar year. The Program annually offers a summer seminar series on topics central to human flourishing. It hosts an annual conference that brings leading scholars together from the social science and humanities, and finally, the program sponsors lectures and speakers to benefit the Harvard academic community. 

Summer Seminar Series

The Program on Integrative Knowledge and Human Flourishing is sponsoring its third annual Summer Seminar Series with three separate one week-long courses on topics central to questions of human flourishing. Each seminar includes a week of intensive discussion based on close reading of assigned texts. These are ideal for students interested in the integration of knowledge between the humanities and social sciences. Past summer seminar titles have included: "Religion in the Social Sciences," "Kierkegaard and the Happy Life," and "Religion and Human Well-Being."

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Conferences and Symposia

Scholars in the humanities and social sciences typically attend conferences within their own sub-specialties and disciplines. The Program on Integrative Knowledge seeks to bridge this divide by offering annual conferences and symposia that intentionally bring together scholars from various disciplines to present papers and converse on topics central to human flourishing. For example, in 2017 the Program hosted a conference on the topic of human suffering, where both empirical and philsophical / theological papers were presented by scholars in a variety of disciplines. Participants had the opportunity to converse with one another and be informed by the latest empirical and philosophical and theological insights concerning human suffering. The program also intends to publish these conference papers in an edited volume.

For this year's Interdisciplinary Workshop on Happiness, Well-Being, and Measurment, click here.

Lectures and Speaker Series

The Program on Integrative Knowledge seeks to positively impact Harvard and the surrounding community by hosting public lectures that are given by scholars at the program as well as invited guests.