Dr. Jeffrey Hanson talk at Collin College Spring Creek Campus on Plato and Work

April 26, 2017


"Plato and the Philosophy of Work"

The Philosophy department at Collin College Spring Creek Campus is pleased to present speaker Dr. Jeffrey Hanson, research associate from Harvard University, in the Program of Integrative Knowledge and Human Flourishing. 

 In this presentation Dr. Hanson will provide some historical analysis on Plato’s philosophical ideas about work and the effect his views about banausic or “blue-collar” work had on society during his time and how his philosophical ideas still ruminate with us today.  

Professor VanderWeele Publishes on Depression and Religious Service Attendence

July 8, 2016

Professor VanderWeele and colleagues published a new article on religious attendance and depression. They show that women who frequently attended religious services, compared to those who never, had a lower risk of subsequent depression. However, it was also the case that women who were depressed were subsequently more likely to cease attending service. By using data over time the paper provided evidence for effects in both directions.

The article can be found here: