Dr Frederick Publishes on Brain Oscillations

July 20, 2016

Dr Frederick published work from his dissertation today in The Journal of Neuroscience that looked at neural oscillations in olfactory tasks in rats. From the significance statement to the paper, "Olfactory system gamma (40–110 Hz) and beta (15–35 Hz) oscillations of the local field potential indicate different neural firing statistics and functional circuits. We show that gamma and beta oscillations occur in stereotyped sequence during odor sampling in associative tasks, with local gamma dominating the first 250 ms of odor sniffing, followed by systemwide beta as behavioral responses are prepared. Oscillations and coupling strength between brain regions are modulated by task, odor, and learning, showing that task features can dramatically adjust the dynamics of a cortical sensory system, which changes state every ∼250 ms. Understanding cortical circuits, even at the biophysical level, depends on careful use of multiple behavioral contexts and stimuli." The article can be found at the journal's website: http://www.jneurosci.org/content/36/29/7750.short